The pursuit of freedom has always been my incentive and has shaped my actions.

My definition of a self-determined life is to be able to make yourself free. Free of constricting and limiting habits, beliefs and self-imposed regulations. Who is free in spirit , gives room for growth.


It is important to me to pass this experience on through my work.

I would like to invite you to think new thoughts, to gain enriching insights and to build a harmonious and happy relationship with your body.

Short facts

  • Reiki Master (third degree)
  • Coaching/Mentoring according to NLP 
  • Hypnosis techniques based on Anna Wise 
  • Bodywork & Hypnosis advanced training 2016, Berlin
  • Sexological further education and work since 2016, Zurich
  • Fitness trainer 2014 (CF-L1, Kettlebell, Oly-Weightlifting)
  • Business owner of two boutiques in Constance 2010-2016
  • certified fashion designer 2009

What I can offer you as a mentor: 

An extensive and broad knowledge in the areas of:

Health, sexuality, body awareness, interpersonal relationships, success-oriented thinking, self-confidence and confident appearance. 

  • guided meditations and hypnoses

  • Support in the personal development of yourself 

  • Counseling for couples and singles with a focus on communication.
    Recognizing and accepting needs.

  • Advice on sexuality. Clarification, dealing with sexual inclinations, recognizing and acknowledging fetishes. Acceptance and integration 

  • BDSM as a holistic tool for personal development.

  • Mediation of solution-oriented strategies and processes for your thinking and acting

  • Empathy, understanding and attention for your concerns